• Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound + Sleep Review

    The Pros
    The adaptive sound technology prevents external noises from disrupting your sleep.
    The Cons
    It doesn't have a built-in alarm clock.
    Our Verdict 8.1 /10
    This sleep machine adapts to its environment to help mask unruly noises and keep you asleep longer.
    Adaptive Sound Technologies
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    # 3 Adaptive Sound Technologies
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    Adaptive Sound Technologies Review

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    TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

    The Sound + Sleep Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy System uses adaptive sound technology to mask environmental distractions that keep you from concentrating or sleeping soundly. It also boasts a richness setting that changes the tone of the sleep sound you are listening to. Not many sleep machines let you control the tone of your sleep sound like the Adaptive Therapy system does. For these reasons and more this sound machine earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

    Sound Selection

    This sound machine has 10 sound stories preloaded onto the machine. The sound loops are rather long before they start over, making it unlikely that you'll notice any repeating sounds. The sound stories are ocean, meadow, train, city, rainfall, brook, meditation, white noise, waterfall and fireplace. This is a good variety of sounds compared to the rest of our sound machine lineup.



    The sleep machine boasts two distinctive features. The first is the adaptive button on the front face. When the adaptive feature is turned on, the sleep machine uses a built-in microphone to evaluate the noise level of its surrounding environment. When environmental noise increases, the volume of the selected sleep sound will also increase to mask the intruding sound. The volume increases are subtle, not abrasive, to maintain a soothing environment.

    The richness button is also unique to this white noise machine. It changes the tone of the selected sleep sound. For example, when the ocean sound is selected and the richness button is not activated, you will just hear the waves of the ocean. If you click richness button once, you'll notice birds and seal noises are now added to the sound profile. If you click the richness a second time (the highest setting available), bells and foghorns will be added to the sound profile as well. The richness button adds more depth and realism to each sound. You can use this to find the sound setting that best suits your personal preference.


    The sound machine also features a display button to turn the control lights on or off, if they become a distraction in the middle of the night. You have full control of the volume, as well as a timer that you can set for 30, 60 90 or 120 minutes if you don't want your sound machine to play all night.

    Although this sleep machine looks like an alarm clock, it does not display time or have any alarm clock settings to wake you up in the morning. The Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy System does have a backup battery power source, so you can travel with your sleep machine or take it from room to room.

    Help & Support

    This sound machine is covered by a one-year limited warranty. There is also a downloadable manual available on the manufacturer's website.


    This sound machine has long loop cycles so you won't notice any repetitive looping from your sound stories. The richness feature gives you more control over each sound and helps you set the sound to your preference. It's also equipped with adaptive sound technology to mask any extraneous noise, resulting in better-quality sleep throughout the night.